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Leoxsys 4G/3G Routers share the 4G/3G/CDMA Internet to multiple


Why do I need 4G?

Today's Every applications or Devices require the increased performance and reliability of High Speed Internet to accommodate the massive influx of Data. Earlier mobile devices have EDGE or CDMA technology to access Internet. With the 4G/3G Technology these devices can be connect to rest of the worlds with max.100Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload speed.

What's so great about 4G?

  • It's faster.

4G technology delivers up to 100 Mbps of Downlink and 100 Mbps speed compared to 21Mbps of 3G & 3.1Mbps CDMA. This means increased bandwidth for end user and enterprise business applications.

  • It supports more users.

As 4G technology delivers up to 100 Mbps of Downlink and 5.76 Mbps speed ,4G users get the job done faster and at increased speeds. As a result, Multiple users can also share single 4G bandwith to share internet easily.

  • It's more reliable.

4G uses dedicated frequency to transmit and receive signals, which boosts the signal quality and reliability on both ends of the connection, which accelerates the performance of overall Internet experiance.

What's so great about Leoxsys's 4G devices?

  • Highest performance. Leoxsys's MIMO technologies capability Routers offers pre-configuration of ISP settings, Plug & Play experience of any GSM/CDMA/3G/4G modem and guarantees bandwidth availability for mobile devices no matter where they roam.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership. Leoxsys 3G Routers cost less than ISP Provide Routers. Customers can migrate to any ISP data card or Internet plan easily.
  • Richest feature platform. Leoxsys 802.11n 4G/3G Routers integrate with 32/64MB RAM & 500/600MHz ARM Processor to ensure smooth and highest performance speed between connected computers to 4G/3G Server.
  • Portability. Leoxsys 3G Routers comes with portable options to ensure Internet/Wifi on the Go.Battery is standardize Nokia battery with upto 1800mAh capacity.
  • Easy Installation. With all Indian Operator pre-settings with all Leoxsys 4G/3G Routers ,installation is quick without any technical knowledge require.